Every house tells a story. We brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital to 213 E. 23rd Street. My Dad and I hung the perfect wallpaper in her nursery that my wife spent nearly her entire pregnancy searching for online. Last Halloween, we dressed our baby as a sushi roll and had a photoshoot in the backyard followed by her first trick-or-treat outing around the block.

This house is where we started our family—that’s our story.

When we decided to sell our house, we wanted to give someone an opportunity to start a new story here. Perhaps this would give someone the opportunity to be a first time homebuyer, or to run a new, innovative small business, or to simply have a much-needed fresh start.

Reading the essays, the possibilities are endless. Over the last thirty days, we have received the most honest, heartfelt, and thoughtful stories. Some funny ones, too! With each new essay we read, one of us would inevitably say, “This is the one.” From the start, the process was much more difficult than we anticipated because we empathized with so many of you. We are honored that you entrusted your personal stories to two perfect strangers. Like us, you believed in this process; and, we believe that this process works.

However, when we launched 150house.com, we knew there was a chance we might not receive enough offers to make the sale financially viable for us. The reality is that we are a regular, working family with a mortgage and lots of other bills to pay and, as much as we’d like to give the house away after reading your essays, it’s just not feasible at this time.

A lot of people sent essays, but only about 50% of those applicants submitted the accompanying offer fee. As the website explains, it is a two-part process. 

For this reason, we are sad to report that that we did not receive enough offers to make it work for both parties. And while we would like to extend the offer period, it won’t be possible as our family needs to ideally move by the end of the summer.

We will be listing the house via HAR soon, so if you would like to make a traditional offer on the house, we invite you to do so.

We recommend attaching a “heartstrings” letter.

All the best and sincerest thanks,


Offer fee refunds:

Offer fees will be refunded in the coming days and as soon as possible. If you have not been refunded by July 8th, please contact us via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you receive my check or money order?
Most likely! There was an influx at the end everything is still being logged. I appreciate your patience.

I accidentally paid twice via Dwolla: Will that be refunded?
Of course!

I entered a different email/no email with my payment: Will you be able to match it up?
Yes, but this is one reason why things are moving slowly.

Are you just going to keep all the money?
No. That’s bad business.

Why have you not responded to my call/text/email?
I am so sorry! Customer service is my number one priority, but this project has received a truly overwhelming and unforeseen amount of attention. There’s no staff—it’s just me—and I have clients who must come first.

And a toddler: she’s quite demanding.

Was this just a marketing effort and you never intended to sell your house?
Absolutely not. We think this method has real worth and can work with a longer timeframe.

People may have inferred I hired a marketing company because there was a logo and the website looked clean. I do all of my own marketing: I went to school for design and worked for years in advertising.

Furthermore, as a Realtor, whether it’s my client’s home or my own material, it is my job to make it look as good as I can. This is another example of a website I created for one of my listings: 5218darnell.com

If you are need of help, please reach out to an organization who can assist you:

Houston Area Women's Center

Please do everything you can to get out of abusive situations.

Domestic Violence Hotline: 713-528-2121
Rape Crisis Hotline: 713-528-7273

HAWC Website
Workforce Solutions

Hiring events, job training, adult literacy programs, career planning and much more.

Workforce Solutions Website